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Mie consulting is not only a consulting company but your friend to choose your dream destination.

We provide services regarding very important fields such as your study, how to invest and where to gain your resident permit.

No one could deny the significant role of international studies for changing the global culture and building the industry of countries.

People and students wonder about the destination of their academic goals and where to choose their university.

Getting university admission, and getting scholarships abroad
Studying in developed and modern countries, in addition to being a good cultural and professional future for a person, can also be a bridge to immigrate to a developed country. Of course, this issue has various conditions and laws for different countries, which you can benefit from by reading the authoritative and rich articles available on the website and extracting sufficient information about all the conditions of the day of immigration through study from our website. You can also get free consultancy from our immigration experts.
It is also possible for students eligible to receive scholarships to try their luck at receiving scholarships from the world’s top universities and request a free evaluation of their scholarships. For this purpose, you can fill in the scholarship review form via the button below and wait for the answer of our experts.